Hillary Clinton is one of the most popular personalities in the history of the USA. She has been the US senator from the state of New York and the US secretary, who has contributed a lot to the life of one of the most powerful countries in the world. Hillary is a lawyer by profession. The knowledge of law helped her a lot when building her career and contributing to the history of the United States.

Hillary Rodham was born...

... in the state of Illinois on October 26, 1947. Her father was the Veteran of the World War II. Her mother has tough childhood and taught Hillary to understand the needs and hardships of children devoid of parents’ care. Hillary has two brothers and she has led active life since early years. She was a member of a girls’ football league. Right after she finished school, she enrolled into Wellesley College, where she took active part in the social activity. After the college, she enrolled into Yale Law School, where she got acquainted with Bill Clinton. After the graduation from the law school, Hillary served as a lawyer for the congressional committee that investigated President Nixon and then taught criminal law in Arkansas. In 1975, Hillary and Bill Clinton got married. They have a daughter, whose name is Chelsea.

In 1992, Bill Clinton became the President of the USA and Hillary became the first lady. She devoted much attention to charity and tried her best effort to take care of the health of the nation. She is the founder of Children’s Health Insurance Program that has provided health coverage to over 8 million children. In 2000, Hillary was elected the first woman in the US history to serve as a senator from the state of New York. In 2015, she started her Presidential campaign, but failed to gain success. Even though, she still remains one of the most popular and respected women in the US history and she keeps doing her charity work until these days.